Usage Terms and Conditions
Derivative Gaming takes no responsibility for any content or images displayed on forums or pages on the Derivative Gaming website.

Users, specified as any registered user, is responsible for any content posted to the Derivative Gaming website/forum and understands Derivative Gaming or associates are not responsible for the misuse of the information displayed or posted by any user.

User information will not be forwarded to outside sources for any reason. Users understand Derivative Gaming support may contact the user at any time, via the registered contact information, to request information and/or forward any necessary changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Missuse of the Derivative Gaming website or services will see any user banned or removed from the misused and/or extended services for a length of time deemed necessary by Derivative Gaming staff.
Donations are run through PayPal and are monitored regularly.

Donations are directed to a singular PayPal account which pays for all server costs and plugins.

All Donations must be purchased through the Derivative Gaming website, any outside purchases via Server Hosts must be reported as this breaks Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to donate to Derivative Gaming, click here or go to our Donate page above.
Refunding Donations
Donations are non refundable.

Derivative Gaming offers non physical ingame items as an additional extra.

Derivative Gaming staff may decide to refund donations under certain circumstances, this is taken on a case by case basis and does not reflect our refund policy.

Please contact us if you have any issues via Discord or via our support panel.
Additional Information
Terms and conditions may change at any time without notification. This must be understood by users on registration to the forums or donation systems.