Want to become a Derivative Gaming Server Host?
There are a few things to consider before becoming a Derivative Gaming Server Host.
Our terms and conditions are pretty easy to follow and we don't require any money to be exchanged.
You MUST to agree to all the below Terms and Conditions to become a Derivative Gaming Server Host.
Basic Explanation:
- Don't damage the Derivative Gaming name.
- Provide all information required. Profile Picture, Email, Gamer Tag, etc
- Give Derivative Gaming Staff access to the FTP, Game Host Panel and Gametracker server claim.
- Uphold a high server standard, including staff members. See Basic Community Standard and Server Standards below.
- Derivative Gaming logos and emblems can be used on the server, but may not be modified without approval.
- You will be provided a Derivative Gaming Email for use with donations and support for the server.
- You must adhere to all Derivative Gaming staff member requests within a reasonable time period.
- If you decide to leave Derivative Gaming you must adhere to shutdown procedures.
- If shutdown procedures are initiated, Server Hosts understand custom files may be used to continue the server for the community.
Server Host Responsibilities and Requirements:
Server Host Information:
- Server Hosts are required to supply a profile picture that will be displayed on the Derivative Gaming website.
- Server Hosts are required to supply an email contact outside of the provided "@derivativegaming.com" email.
- Server Hosts are required to supply their ingame name or gamer tag used ingame to be displayed on the Derivative Gaming Website.
- Server Hosts are NOT required to give their real names to anyone at any time unless legally required.
Server FTP and Game Panel Access:
- Server Hosts are required to provide FTP access to the server at all times to Derivative Gaming staff, unless unavailable.
- Server Hosts are required to supply Game Panel access (Host Game Panel Control) with full permissions granted, unless unavailable.
GameTracker Information:
- Derivative Gaming is required to CLAIM the server under the Derivative Gaming GameTracker account.
- Derivative Gaming will require two server restarts, at a random point in time, to claim the server on GameTracker.
- GameTracker information will be displayed on our server list/s.
Server Costs:
- Server Hosts are responsible for all server costs.
Age Restrictions:
- Age restrictions are based on maturity level and proof of income.
- Server Hosts cannot use another adults (Mum and Dads) credit card to fund their server.
- Server Hosts must be 18 years or over, unless discussed otherwise with the Chairman or Founder.
Server Host Important Requests:
- If Server Hosts are contacted by Derivative Gaming staff they must respond within 48hrs.
- Any requests made by Derivative Gaming staff must be adhered to by Server Hosts within a reasonable time period (Example: 48hrs).
Server Staff Member requirements:
- Server staff must be structured. (Example: Head Admin, Admins, Moderators, etc)
- Server staff must uphold the same server standards as the Server Host.
- Server Hosts must uphold the staff server standards of care and responsibilities.
- All server staff must be over 15 years of age, unless deemed responsible by the Server Host.
- Server Hosts are responsible for providing the Server Standards to server staff members.
Provided Email:
- Server Hosts will be provided a personal Derivative Gaming email to use (Example: [email protected]).
- Server Hosts must monitor the provided Derivative Gaming email regularly.
Server Donations:
- Server Hosts are responsible for all donations received for the server.
- Donations must be monitored carefully and responsibly.
- Donations must be sent through a Derivative Gaming email, not a personal email address.
- Derivative Gaming is in no way responsible for refunding donations.
Ingame information requirements:
- Ingame information panels (MOTD) must reference to "http://derivativegaming.com" or similar url.
- Server loading screens for servers are available on request.
External Advertisement:
- Server Hosts may advertise their server externally, but must reference "http://derivativegaming.com" as the main website.
- Server Hosts cannot state that they own Derivative Gaming at any time, but may reference themselves as a Server Host and if able must reference which server.
Use of Logos and Emblems:
- Server Hosts are allowed to use the appropriate logos and emblems on server information pages.
- Server Hosts must not use the derivative gaming logo for profile pictures on any social media unless verified with the Chairman or Founder.
- Server Hosts may request an individual logo be created for their server if required, this is at the discretion of the Founder.
Basic Community Standards:
- Provide support to players on the server whenever required within a reasonable time period.
- Moderate troublesome players with proper warning systems in place.
- Provide reasonable care in banning players from Derivative Gaming servers.
- Do not damage the Derivative Gaming name in any way shape or form.
Server Host Standards:
- Servers hosted under the Derivative Gaming name must uphold a high community standard.
- If a Server or Server Host is found not upholding the highest community standards, the Server Host may be asked to cease use of the Derivative Gaming name.
Server Standards:
- Players should feel welcome, not afraid to speak their opinions.
- Server staff members should never permanently ban a user, unless warnings and temporary bans have been placed in previous offences.
- If a player is ignorant of others, ask them to stop and proceed with minimal warnings before a temporary ban is put in place.
- If a player is bullying another player, proceed to warn the player and place a temporary ban if player persists.
- Unless specified in Server Information, microphone spam is not tolerated. Warn player and then proceed to place a temporary ban if player persists.
- If a player continues to break the above server standards on a continuous basis, place a permanent ban on the player.
Decline or Cease of Server Hosting:
- If a Server Host is asked to cease using the Derivative Gaming name, the Server Host has 48hrs to cease using any Derivative Gaming material.
- When a Server Host is deemed unable to uphold the community standards the Server Host may hand the server over to another Server Host.
- When a server operating under the Derivative Gaming name changes , the server may be monitored for a period of time to uphold the community standards.
Server Procedures
- If you decide to leave Derivative Gaming you must adhere to shutdown procedures.
- Servers must be kept in operational standard for up to 2 weeks after notification of leaving.
Server Shutdown / Host Leaving Procedures
- All files from the server will be backed up via FTP.
- Server Hosts must notify the players of the server shutdown.
- Server Hosts must point players to the Derivative Gaming website to find more server options.
- Server Hosts may be asked to promote a secondary server option to players.
Additional Notes:
- Derivative Gaming will not remove your server due to popularity issues. If your server isn't popular, go to our forums and ask for suggestions.
- Terms and Conditions can change without notification.
Become a Server Host!
Contact us via [email protected] and supply the required information as specified above.
If you require any help with the above information or server setup assistance, please contact us via the above email.
Thank you for considering our open community!
We appreciate your support!