What is our Goal?
Our goal is to supply high quality servers and an even higher quality community were everyone feels welcome. We like to provide servers with differences from the norm, making our servers unique and exciting! Providing a safe place for our gaming community members to thrive and have fun with eachother!
Server Donations
Our dedicated server costs $300 a month, so we ask for donations to keep them running.
All donations are forwarded to server hosting and/or plugins/mods for servers.
We are a not for profit gaming community.
We don't plan on discontinuing any of our servers but we solely rely on donations to fund our community.
Open Staff Positions
  • Staff Positions
    • Game News Journalist
      • Fill Position/s
    • Social Media Manager
      • Fill Position/s
  • Admin Area for Server Hosts
    • Reports
    • Page Information
  • Update Rules
  • Create NPCs
    • Rules NPCs
    • Information NPCs
    • Teleportation NPCs
    • Conversation NPCs
  • MiniGames
    • Jump Course
    • Elytra Course
    • Boss Battles
    • Course Completion Rewards
  • NPC Battle Arena (LOW PRIORITY)
    • NPC Battles (Betting)
    • Players vs NPC Battles
      • Stages
        • 5Players vs 2NPCS
        • 5Players vs 5NPCS
        • 5Players vs 10NPCS
        • 5Players vs 20NPCS
      • Stage Rewards
  • Minecraft Survival
    • Finish Economy Store
      • Create full list of prices
Garry's Mod Murder
  • Remove items from VIP
    • Some items, not all
    • Make more expensive to non VIP
  • Change Gun/Knife Model/s
    • Random Gun Model
    • Random Gun Type
    • Random Knife Model
  • Clue Pickup Blocking
    • Stop Secret Weapon Bystander
    • Stop Bystanders with guns
  • Add Pop/Confetti Gun
    • Given to bystanders/snacks
    • Harmless to everyone
    • Model completely different
  • Enraged Mode
    • Press C and enable Enraged Mode
    • Collect 5 Clues to activate
    • Instant Murderer Smoke
    • Murderer Weapon unable to be put away
    • Constant Extra Speed (25% more than sprint)
    • No additional sprint speed
    • 1 Minute Start Round Breather
  • Map Voting System Upgrade
    • More Maps
    • Only Selected Maps
Garry's Mod Prop Hunt
  • Map Vote System
    • Get Clean Map Vote working
    • Add more maps
  • Pointshop
    • Prop Based Items
    • Team Based Items
    • Public Items
    • VIP Items
  • Taunts
    • Taunt Menu
    • Add More Taunts
  • Force Taunt
    • ULX Admin Force Taunt
    • Add Player Based Force Taunt
    • Cooldown/Timer for Force Taunt