Want to become a Derivative Gaming Server Host?
It is FREE for US to host a server for YOU, but there are a few terms and conditions.
You MUST to agree to all the below Terms and Conditions to become a Derivative Gaming Server Host.
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Server Host Responsibilities and Requirements:
Server Host Requirements:
- Server Hosts are required to supply a profile picture that will be displayed on the Derivative Gaming website, yourself or something that represents you.
- Server Hosts are required to supply an email contact outside of the provided "" email.
- Server Hosts are required to supply their ingame name or gamer tag used ingame to be displayed on the Derivative Gaming Website.
- Server Hosts are required to give their real names to Derivative Gaming, for legal reasons only.
In-game Admin Panel Access:
- Server Hosts are required to provide the Founder, Chairman and required staff the highest access to ingame admin panels on all servers.
GameTracker Information:
- Derivative Gaming will CLAIM the server under the Derivative Gaming GameTracker account.
- Derivative Gaming will require two server restarts, at a random point in time, to claim the server on GameTracker.
- GameTracker information will be displayed on our server list/s.
Server Costs:
- Server Hosts are responsible for donations forwarded to the Derivative Gaming paypal to pay for our server costs.
- Server Hosts may be required to donate if the server is not performing to the recommended standard by Derivative Gaming standard (AKA a Dead Server).
- Server Hosts will only ever ask the server host to donate if the server is performing incredibly below the required standards, for Example a "Dead Server".
Age Restrictions:
- Age restrictions are based on maturity level.
- Server Hosts must be 18 years or over, if under 18 you may request a senior member be responsible for your server.
Server Restart Policy:
Server Hosts may only restart a server if the below occurs:
- Players are unable to join the server
- The server quality has dropped below the average due to lag or console error issues.
- The player base is less than 25% capacity after notifying the players of a sufficient time (15/60)
- A significant amount of players have reported lag or joining issues*
*required circumstances
Any Server Host repeatedly breaking these rules will be required to submit an assessment of their Server Host terms and conditions agreement and possible temporarily demotion from the position. This policy may change at any time without notice.
Server Host Important Requests:
- If Server Hosts are contacted by Derivative Gaming staff they must respond within 48hrs.
- Any requests made by Derivative Gaming staff must be adhered to by Server Hosts within a reasonable time period (Example: 48hrs).
Server Staff Member requirements:
- Server staff must be structured appropriately. (Example: Head Admin, Admins, Moderators, etc)
- Server staff must uphold the same server standards as the Server Host.
- Server Hosts must uphold the staff server standards of care and responsibilities.
- It's recommended server staff be over 15 years of age, but not required if deemed mature by the Server Host.
- Server Hosts are responsible for providing the Server Standards to server staff members verbally.
Provided Email:
- Server Hosts will be provided a personal Derivative Gaming email to use (Example: [email protected]).
- Server Hosts must monitor the provided Derivative Gaming email regularly.
Server Donations:
- Server Hosts are responsible for donation/vip packages provided on their servers.
- Server Hosts must supply a link to the Derivative Gaming donation page/s.
- Derivative Gaming will support Server Hosts in any donation requests.
- Derivative Gaming supplies plugins/addons for the majority of servers to be inbuilt into the server/s.
Ingame information requirements:
- Ingame information panels (MOTD) must reference to the Derivative Gaming website.
- Server loading screens for servers are available on request.
- Where available show links to the Derivative Gaming Social Media: Website, Discord, Facebook, etc
External Advertisement:
- Server Hosts may advertise their server externally, but must reference the Derivative Gaming website and community.
- Server Hosts cannot state that they own Derivative Gaming at any time, but may reference themselves as a Server Host for Derivative Gaming.
Use of Logos and Emblems:
- Server Hosts are allowed to use the appropriate logos and emblems on server information pages, but must never modify Derivative Gaming material.
- Server Hosts must not use the Derivative Gaming logo for profile pictures on any social media.
Basic Community Standards:
- Provide support to players on the server and forums whenever required within a reasonable time period.
- Moderate troublesome players with proper warning systems in place.
- Provide reasonable care in banning players from Derivative Gaming servers.
- Do not damage the Derivative Gaming name.
Server Host Standards:
- Servers hosted under the Derivative Gaming name must uphold a high community standard.
- If a Server or Server Host is found not upholding the highest community standards, the Server Host may be forcefully removed from their position on Derivative Gaming.
- Must submit Monthly reports for Server Quality. (Player Base, donations, etc)
Sub Server Host/s:
- Server Hosts may chose to have Sub Server Host/s.
- A Sub Server Host may be underage, a previous Server Host that failed our standards or chose to be under a Senior Staff member for moderation.
- Sub Server Hosts can be used by Server Hosts to assist with server load or moderation.
Server Standards:
- Players should feel welcome, not afraid to speak their opinions.
- If a player is ignorant of others, ask them to stop and proceed with minimal warnings before a temporary ban (Example: 24hrs).
- If a player is bullying another player, proceed to warn the player and place a temporary ban (Example: 24hrs) immediately if player persists.
- Unless specified in Server Information, microphone spam is not tolerated. Warn player and then proceed to place a temporary ban (Example: 24hrs) if player persists.
- If a player continues to break the above server standards on a continuous basis, place a permanent ban on the player.
- Server staff members should never permanently ban a user, unless warnings and temporary bans have been placed in previous offences.
Server Host Role Removal:
- If a Server Host is asked or forcefully removed from Derivative Gaming, the server host is to immediately remove all material provided.
- When a Server Host is asked to cease their role they can sign the server over to a Senior Staff member. This user may continue being a Sub Server Host on the basis they are being moderated.
- When a server falls below the recommended player base or popularity, a Server Host may chose to sign over the server to a Senior Staff for moderation and assistance.
Host Leaving Procedures:
- Servers must be kept in working condition when leaving Derivative Gaming.
- All files saved externally must be deleted by the Server Host.
Server Shutdown Procedures:
- Server Hosts must notify the players of the server shutdown.
- Server Hosts must point players to the Derivative Gaming website to find more server options.
- Server Hosts may be asked to promote a secondary Derivative Gaming server option to players.
- Server Hosts must ask if any Senior Staff want to take over the server to keep it alive.
Dead Server Classification:
- Does not perform to recommended standards of performance.
- Server has not had players join for over 2 months.
- Server Host has not reported any plans for over 2 months.
- Deemed by Senior Staff as no longer required or duplicate of another popular server.
DG Server Standards:
- Uphold High Quality Servers
- Have professional Server Staff:
- Server Hosts
- Server Staff (Admins, Moderators, etc)
- Support the community
- Talk to the community
- Wants and Needs
- New Servers
- New Addons/Plugins
- Server Suggestions/Adjustments
- Up and coming projects
- Updates on current servers
- Assist other staff if required
- Respond to community suggestions
- Create Polls for suggestions
- Implement and test suggestions
- Support Tickets
- Forum
- Website Support Form
- Donations:
- Must be advertised
- Offer players in-game rewards
- Suggest Donating
- Supply a link
- Quality over Quantity:
- Servers
- Player base
- Server staff
Terms and Conditions:
- Terms and conditions may change at any time without notification, it is the responsibility of Server Hosts to check if the Terms and Conditions have changed.
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