Donation Goals:
DG Owned Dedicated Box
Who or What is Derivative Gaming?
Derivative Gaming is an open community that supports Server Hosts and players in the endeavour for the perfect servers.

We strive to provide the best open community for players and server hosts to work together and make the game better for everyone!

We uphold a high server standard throughout our community and pride ourselves in supporting the little guys.
Becoming a Server Host!
We host all our servers on a dedicated server!

Our server hosts are gamers with a passion for their servers, providing a quality server and experience throughout our community.

With our support YOU could host a server under the Derivative Gaming name too!

Check out our Server Host Terms and Conditions for more details!
All our servers are paid with donations from our community.

Any donations received allows us to improve Derivative Gaming for the community.

We are a not for profit gaming community, all donations go towards keeping the servers alive and supplying a decent community!

For anyone wanting to donate and get something in return, we have Merchandise and donation systems!
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